Like "Stranger Things?" Listen to D/A/D.

Between "Drive" and "Stranger Things," the 80's synth music revival genre, blanketed by the term synth-wave, is officially mainstream. Demand is up, and the people want their synth.

Always a champion of D/A/D, Bandcamp encourages fans of the score for "Stranger Things" to check out my music along with a list of other amazing artists, many of them being influences of my own (looking at you Carpenter + Oneohtrix).


The keytar shredding on The Construct isn’t lifted from a sample bank. That rainbow-bright riffage comes courtesy of Zach Robinson, a one-man-band who plays like he’s Marty McFly teaching the Enchantment Under the Sea crowd about chillwave. D/A/D also dabbles in straight-up synth-pop on “Love Will Make You Stay,” a collaboration with USA Gold and Sharaya Mikael that oughta be playing over the end credits of a lost John Hughes movie.